Tax Preparation

At Hendrix Tax, we know you’re the type of person that wants to stay on top of their taxes, earning the maximum return while avoiding the risks of being audited. In order to do that, you need to ensure your taxes are properly prepared. The problem is, tax preparation can be confusing and can take a lot of time, which makes you feel like your business or personal finances are out of control. We believe tax preparation should be simple, affordable and should provide you with an opportunity to review your personal or business’s overall financial situation. We know you want to receive the maximum return, which is why we check for all available deductions and provide you with ways to reduce your tax bill for the following year.

So fill out the form below now, so you can stop worrying about audits or tax penalties and start enjoying tax season as a time to check-up on your financial health!

Everything Hendrix Tax Can Do For You

  • Check for all available deductions
  • Review any red flags generated by tax software
  • Inform you of all possible risks of review or audits
  • Electronically file individual, corporate and estate tax returns at the local, state and national levels
  • Provide a link to check on refund status
  • Assist with record keeping
  • Provide access to returns/store returns on behalf of client
  • Help adjust your tax withholding amounts for next year
  • Calculate estimated tax payments you need to make to reduce or avoid penalties for next year
  • Provide ways to reduce your tax bill for next year
  • Prepare and file prior year returns that may have not been filed timely
  • Tax deduction suggestions